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High waste rate used in concrete water pipe

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The concrete water pipe is made of high quality steel plate by machine. It is used to support the mould without sand pipe. The platform is the high motion vibration box designed by our company, and the custom spring is used as the support. The high and new technology motor is used to drive the vibration box to cause the vibration and take-off of the spring and the platform. The vibration box is used in our factory's internal patent design for long life and high kinetic energy conversion rate. The outer die is made of thick steel coil, and the inner mold is seamless steel tube, and its outer wall is smooth. It gets a lot of customers' favor. The external mold adopts U card locking technology, which is easy to disassemble, and has special outer mold bottom plate. With hydraulic boosting module and light lifting equipment, the demolished product rate is greatly reduced.

We have done a lot of work in the early stage of development without testing sand pipe equipment, is reduced to the customers in the use of the high rejection rate, because of the equipment and the use method of centrifugal pipe equipment is completely different, the key point is different, so the equipment for our professional training to customers, and unified training of production personnel arrangements and technical personnel in the use of equipment, reduce the unstable factors of customer use, achieve everywhere from the user point of view, and constantly improve the deficiencies, to provide customers with quality service, go in front in new equipment when using the menace from the rear.

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Selection of high quality sand: generally used sand, concrete workability, good impermeability, and low strength concrete pipe, easy to collapse; coarse sand, concrete workability, good impermeability, and mixed high strength pipe is not easy to collapse, sand rate the choice is very important, high sand ratio, concrete workability, good formability, good impermeability, and pipe in concrete slump. Small caliber suspension roller tube with gravel or crushed gravel, in order to reduce the friction resistance of stone surface, easy to make concrete compaction, large diameter pipe hanging roller should adopt the machine broken stone, the stone surface is easy to mutually embedded features, in order to reduce the concrete slump may. It is advisable to use ordinary portland cement labelled as 425. The cement pipe making machine is made of dry concrete and the mixed water ash is smaller. The shrinkage volume of cement is small.

The aseismic performance of the cement pipe is good, and the base of sand and stone or the concrete foundation is selected for the pipe base, and the installation speed is fast. After the cement pipe and die in the open air natural curing general cement pipe after a day of outdoor maintenance, cement tube to mold, mold needs after natural curing 4--6 days, every day someone to cement pipe spray three times water, time is like a morning afternoon once. The purpose of water is to maintain the humidity of the concrete cement pipe can gradually solidified, the number of water can also according to the weather condition and the weather humidity increases and decreases the number of water.

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