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What kind of ordinary pure plastic pipe strength does the water pipe have?

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The water pipe steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is used for winding wire net as polyethylene plastic pipe skeleton reinforced polyethylene (HDPE) as the matrix, the outer layer of high density polyethylene closely connected together, so that it has excellent strong rigidity, so it is suitable for mountain long distance water supply, gas pipeline. Because the two materials of steel and plastic are composed of composite structures, the rapid stress that is difficult to overcome can not be overcome. It has the strength, rigidity and impact resistance over ordinary pure plastic pipe, similar to the low expansion coefficient and creep resistance of steel tube. Light weight, pipe connection adopts electric melting joint, and has strong anti axial pressure capability.

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Disadvantages: because the lining steel mesh can not butt the hot melt, it needs to connect with the special hot melt joint, which increases the engineering budget cost, and the connection between the pipe and the hot melt joint is easy to fracture because of its high rigidity. Therefore, it is suitable to be used in mountainous area and hard soil, and the land with loose soil or high water content is not used as much as possible.

In order to achieve the ideal cleaning effect, should be chosen according to the steel abrasive surface hardness, corrosion degree, the original requirements of the surface roughness, the type of coating, for single epoxy, two layer or three layer polyethylene coating, using mixed abrasive grit and steel more easily to the physical cleaning effect. A steel reinforced steel surface, and a surface steel grit etching effect. Mixed abrasive grit and steel in the steel (usually a hardness of 40 ~ 50 HRC, the steel hardness is 50 ~ 60 HRC can be used in all kinds of steel surface, even in the surface of steel C and D corrosion, rust removal effect is also very good. In order to obtain better uniform cleanliness and the distribution of roughness, the design of the particle size and proportion of the abrasive is very important. The roughness is too large to cause the coating layer to become thinner at the anchor peak. At the same time, because the anchor grain is too deep, it is easy to form bubbles in the anticorrosive layer during the anticorrosion process, which seriously affects the performance of the coating.

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Too little roughness will cause the adhesion and impact strength of the anticorrosion layer to decrease. For serious internal pitting, not only large particles of abrasive high intensity shock, also must rely on small particles to polish the corrosion products to achieve the cleaning effect, at the same time reasonable proportioning design not only can slow the abrasive on pipeline and nozzle (blade) and abrasive wear, can greatly improve the efficiency. Usually, steel diameter is 0.8 ~ 1.3 mm steel grit size of 0.4 ~ 1 mm, with 0.5 ~ 1 mm as the main component. Sand pellets are generally 5~8. It should be noted that in the actual operation, the ideal proportion of abrasive grit and steel in difficult to reach, the reason is hard and brittle steel is higher than the broken steel shot. Therefore, should be continuously sampling mixed abrasive in operation, according to the particle size distribution to the incorporation of new abrasive derusting machine, and the incorporation of new abrasive grit, number of major.

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