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Do you know what are the factors that affect the corrosion of the water pipe?

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What are the factors affecting the corrosion of reinforced concrete pipes and plastic pipes? The main factors affecting corrosion are the following:

The pH value of water. Iron bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria in pipeline are suitable for living in neutral and acid medium. When pH is 8, their growth is inhibited. PH does not grow at 8.4. The experiment showed that pH was grown in the range of 5.96 ~ 7.89, and pH was grown in the range of 5.96 ~ 8.35. Furthermore, the formation of corrosion is mainly Fe (OH). It can be dissolved in acidic medium and is not soluble in alkaline medium. Therefore, acidic water with low pH value can promote corrosion. PH value is high, which can prevent or completely stop corrosion.

The existence of erosive carbon dioxide. If there is no erosion of the presence of carbon dioxide, reaction is first generated and then generate ferrous hydroxide, ferric hydroxide dissolved oxygen oxidation, forming a passivation film, slow pipe wall corrosion rate. Otherwise, in the formation of ferrous hydroxide, carbon dioxide and generate heavy ferrous carbonate, it is soluble in water and drain, generated by the dissolved oxygen oxidation of ferric hydroxide, red water, some of which were formed by dehydration of rust. Therefore, the existence of erosive carbon dioxide will aggravate the corrosion of the pipeline.

The flow rate of water. The flow rate of water increases, the oxygen supply is easy, and the corrosion of the pipe is promoted. When the velocity of flow is accelerated and the amount of oxygen is increased, the surface of the iron tube tends to be obtuse because of the excess of oxygen. Instead, the corrosion is reduced.

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The prestressed steel tube concrete pipe, short of (PrestressedConcreteCylinderPipe)PCCP, is a new type of steel pipe. It is the core winding high strength prestressed steel wire concrete with steel cylinder pipe, spray with cement mortar protective layer, the steel socket, together with steel tube welding, socket grooves and rubber ring formed of flexible joint sliding ring, is a composite structure consisting of steel, concrete, high-strength steel and cement mortar several the material has the characteristics of steel and concrete, respectively. According to the different location of the steel tube in the core, it can be divided into two kinds: the lined prestressed steel tube concrete (PCCPL) and the embedded prestressed concrete cylinder (PCCPE).

Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) with reasonable structure, high pressure bearing composite joints, good sealing performance, strong shock resistance, convenient construction, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and other characteristics, concerned by the engineering circles, widely used in long distance water route, pressure siphon, water engineering, industrial city the pressure water supply pipeline, power plant circulating water project water pipe, pressure sewage trunk etc.. Compared with the previous pipes, PCCP has the advantages of wide application range, long economic life, good seismic performance, convenient installation, low operating cost, basic water leakage and so on. The water conservancy works of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) in China include: Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project in Shanxi, diversion works in eastern Shenzhen and water diversion works in Mt. pan mountain in Harbin.

A building component made in a factory in advance with concrete as the basic material. It includes beams, boards, columns, and building fittings. For construction site assembly. It is the material foundation of the construction industrialization.

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