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Do you know the technology of plastic concrete pipes?

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Mud pipe is a kind of preposition pipe made of cement and steel bar as material, using the principle of electric wire rod centrifugal force.

Cement pipe called cement pressure pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, it can be used as the foundation of city construction in the water pipes, can discharge water, flood control and drainage, and the use of some special factories in water and farmland wells. Generally, it can be divided into: flat reinforced concrete pipe, flexible grooved reinforced concrete pipe, socket and socket reinforced concrete pipe, F steel socket cement pipe, flat socket ring interface cement pipe, and kekou cement pipe.

The plastic concrete, after forming the pipe wall structure is layered, the impact resistance of concrete load capacity; concrete grade is usually C30, can be C40, but the strength of concrete pipe is lower than that of the pipe body, not suitable for pipe jacking; molding die cast in the centrifuge rotating speed, along with steel mesh movement, there will be two kinds of pipe service life of influence:

When the steel mesh is not strong, the phenomenon of running tendons and leakage will appear, which makes the pipe body appear without reinforcement.

Concrete prefabricated component          

It is difficult to center steel mesh forming, steel mesh is eccentric, which is the protective layer reinforced the uneven; this process requires a lot of mold to ensure the production of each mold size there is deviation, there will be a large deformation of the open mold long time disassembly and assembly, therefore leads to the deviation of circular pipe the nozzle diameter, verticality, and length size is large, affect the installation quality of construction, the leakage will cause the surface subsidence, on both sides of the pipeline soil and groundwater pollution;

Suspension roller

Using dry concrete, concrete wall structure uniform, good resistance load capacity; the concrete grade is usually C30, C40; forming when the noise is smaller than the centrifugal process, operating environment scene than centrifugal process clean; disadvantage is small diameter pipe to increase the wall thickness to meet the requirements of anti permeability; some other disadvantages of centrifugal the process of suspended roller process also exists;

Core mould vibration

Production supplier of concrete prefabricated components

Using the semi dry concrete of this process, the vertical vibration and radial cloth die extrusion molding, molding by analyzing the vibration mode and amplitude adjustment, the vibration compacting concrete so as to get the best, C50 high strength concrete pipe, the pipe resistance load capacity and anti permeability than the centrifugal and roller suspension the process has significantly enhanced. At the same time, the protective layer of the concrete pipe reinforcement net is uniform, and there will not be any phenomena such as displacement, reinforcement, reinforcement and loose reinforcement in the process of centrifuge and suspension rolls, which ensures the service life of the pipe for 50 years.

Because the vertical mold process by vibration pipe is outside the two integral pipe mold, mold stiffness is very easy to deformation, and a specification of only one set of molding mould, so the concrete pipe roundness and diameter size standard, no anastomotic tube joints, tube wall finish than the centrifugal process and roller suspension process has improved significantly. In addition, the vertical core mold vibration tube process is used to rotate the concrete again in the axial direction after the end of the concrete feed, which improves the strength and verticality of the pipe mouth more effectively, and the construction and installation is successful.

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