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Why is the price of concrete mixing station so high?

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Concrete mixing station is an indispensable equipment in construction industry. Because of its strong market demand, many people in the capital investment concrete mixing plant, often encounter the same problem: that is, the time to purchase quotations, which is also the main problem of investors'capital problems.

So, what are the factors that affect the price of concrete mixing equipment? First is the type of concrete mixing station. At present, there are many types of market demand, different types of equipment are offered at different prices; secondly, different equipment manufacturers, different skills and quality of industrial manufacturers are also different. In many cases, equipment produced by large manufacturers is more expensive than that produced by small businesses. This is because large manufacturers have comparative advantages in manufacturing technology, quality and many other aspects. This is one of the main factors that make equipment different.

Compulsory concrete mixing station has good mixing quality, strong overloading capacity, no segregation and emission, high production efficiency, and is suitable for concrete mixing of various properties. Forced mixer is widely used in commercial concrete mixer, but its structure is complex and its cost is high. The forced mixer is composed of two axes, single transverse axle, vertical axle and planet.

Because of its good performance, high production efficiency, good adaptability, structural characteristics and good reliability, the double horizontal shaft mixer is suitable for concrete production; the single horizontal shaft mixer and the single shaft mixer are seldom used because of their structural characteristics and the adaptability of commercial concrete mixing equipment; the application of planetary mixer is not universal, and it is also used in imported equipment.

In the concrete production process, a large amount of wastewater will be produced in the process of equipment cleaning and vehicle cleaning. Large amount of waste of resources and direct emissions will also cause great harm to the environment. Therefore, the wastewater treatment system of concrete production will achieve 100% recovery of wastewater and meet the zero discharge standard of wastewater.

The sewage treatment system mainly includes concrete transportation, water discharge chute, sand and stone separator, sewage sedimentation tank, sewage tank, mixer, clarifier, water pump, filter press and so on.

Conventional systems used in four sewage treatment tanks and three sedimentation tanks. The surface of the sewage tank is equipped with guardrails and agitators. Pool No. 1, No. 2, 3 sewage pools, mud pumps, pool No. 2 and No. 4 design water level meters; 3 clarification pools, you have sewage pumps. The mixing in the tank is even to ensure that the water quality in the tank is even.

Each tank in the sewage treatment system must be arranged in a certain order. The lower part of the tank body is connected by an overflow pipe, and the upper part of the tank body is connected by a pump. When the water in the tank is insufficient, the water can be supplied by a pump to maintain the stability of the water. If there is a large amount of water in the tank, it will flow back through the overflow pipe provided by the tank, and the water quality will be clarified during the return process.

In the concrete mixing station, the design of a tank is connected to the sewage tank. Rainwater is collected into the tank to ensure the station's cleanliness and operating costs. The main station and vehicle cleaning system are equipped with special water tanks to guide the sewage intake pool for unified treatment.

Through concrete mixing station to guide the transformation of the whole drainage system, the mixing station does not drain water and sewage, through supply test, mixing station use and vehicle cleaning, sewage is directly treated, and waste residue can be added as aggregate. Realize zero discharge of sewage.

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