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To solve the problem of zipper metropolis building underground comprehensive pipeline corridor?

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Construction of Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery

At the national exchange of experiences on urban infrastructure construction held yesterday, Chen Zhenggao, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, first emphasized the importance of establishing a correct concept of political achievements. Urban infrastructure is the material basis for the normal operation of the city. Water, electricity, roads, heating and other facilities are public services that people need every day. Without these infrastructure, there will be no urban life and no new urbanization.


Chen Zhenggao said that the construction of comprehensive pipeline corridors in new urban areas is an important way to solve the problem of "road zipper". China has planned to start pilot projects of underground comprehensive pipeline corridors in 36 large and medium-sized cities in the country in about three years. For the old urban areas with conditions, various underground pipelines can be planned and arranged as far as possible under pedestrian walkways or other spaces in combination with the transformation of municipal roads.

At present, many contradictions in urban infrastructure construction are concentrated on capital. In this regard, Chen Zhenggao said that we should further improve the price formation, adjustment and compensation mechanism of urban public utilities services, break the "glass door, spring door, revolving door" and attract social capital for infrastructure construction. At the same time, we should clarify the contractual relationship between the government and enterprises, strive to cultivate a number of large and famous enterprises, and carry out chain operation and specialized operation.

Leave the limited rainwater behind

In view of the frequent occurrence of "waterlogging in rainy days" and "looking at the sea" in cities in recent years, Chen Zhenggao said that urban construction should attach importance to both face and linzi. Officials encouraged a change of mindset, from drainage to storage, for the rainwater that caused the problem of drainage in the city.

Chen Zhenggao explained that priority should be given to building a sponge city with natural accumulation, natural infiltration and natural purification by leaving limited rainwater behind. This not only reduces the pressure of urban drainage, but also supplements the groundwater. According to the official deployment, China has built a relatively perfect urban drainage and flood control system in about 10 years.

Increasing garbage recovery


Regarding the problem of garbage mountain formation in some places, Chen Zhenggao said that garbage is a resource, a "mineral" rather than a "burden" of the city, and the garbage recovery rate must be greatly increased. Through innovative systems and mechanisms, waste classification and recycling will not only not increase the burden, but may also reduce the financial burden. He pointed out that by 2015, more than one demonstration municipal solid waste classification city will be built in each province, and all the 36 key municipal solid waste will be disposed of harmlessly.

In the aspect of sewage treatment, Chen Zhenggao pointed out that not only sewage treatment should be done well, but also reclaimed water reuse rate should be improved. Optimizing the construction plan of sewage treatment facilities, realizing decentralization, balanced layout and reducing the cost of reclaimed water reuse. This not only solves the recycling of water resources, but also makes use of the funds for the sale of reclaimed water to subsidize the cost of sewage treatment. The target is that by 2015, the utilization rate of reclaimed water in urban sewage treatment facilities will reach more than 20%.

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