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How to repair the computer malfunction of concrete mixing station?

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How to repair the computer malfunction of concrete mixing station? The control system of rural small concrete mixing station plays a vital role. If the computer fails, it will affect the normal operation of the concrete production line. The 21st century is an era of advanced science and technology, with a high degree of automation in all walks of life. Machinery has replaced man-made. Even concrete mixing stations have developed from manual mixing to automatic computer control. Now 2-3 people can operate, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Intelligent will inevitably be inseparable from the computer, then, when the computer of the commercial concrete mixing station fails, all the equipment will not work properly, how should the commercial concrete mixing station be repaired at this moment?


If there is no data recorded in the computer of commercial concrete mixing station, the causes of this problem are usually caused by the errors in the transformation of operation form (from automatic direct conversion to manual), computer infection, incomplete data filling, forced withdrawal procedure in production, and type errors in operation system, etc. Regarding the above problems, the following solutions can be adopted: transforming the online form from fully automatic to semi-automatic; using useful anti-virus software to detect and kill viruses; completing the data in the production order perfectly, forbidding forced withdrawal procedures in production; and changing the operating system of WindosXP professional edition as requested.

So what aspects should we proceed with the planning and construction?

1. The equipments of stabilized soil mixing station are selected according to various data of Engineering construction, such as construction period, total amount of stabilized soil, daily average demand and so on.

2. Large-scale engineering construction requires the use of multiple production lines to carry out related construction production. A stabilized soil mixer is equipped with related construction production input and unloading system as a production line, and multiple production lines are simultaneously engaged in construction production. In this way, the uninterrupted supply of stable soil can be well guaranteed.

3. Finally, according to the demand of Engineering construction, we can build a stable soil mixing station with large power production scale to supply stable soil. Often, in this case, our relevant technical personnel will formulate a reasonable equipment allocation scheme for the majority of users to choose.

When the computer of small mixing station breaks down, it should be repaired in time, and the normal start of the whole concrete production line should not be affected as far as possible. As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing plant in China, Xinfeng Machinery in Zhengzhou has customers all over the world and is exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Oman, etc. It has processed high-quality concrete to help the construction of infrastructure at home and abroad.

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