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Do you know that the equipment of concrete mixing station can run 24 hours?

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Is it reasonable to expect the equipment of concrete mixing station to work continuously 24 hours in some projects because of the time limit? If you want to know whether HZS180 and other large concrete mixing stations can work 24 hours continuously, it depends on whether the configuration meets the relevant standards.

In order to work continuously for 24 hours, commercial concrete mixing station must have the characteristics of accurate measurement, high reliability, even mixing, convenient operation, good environmental protection and high output power. At the same time, it must be able to realize the automatic mixing of aggregate, cement and water, and select advanced computer control system.

Specifically, the continuous work of commercial concrete mixing station must meet the following conditions:

1. Special powder feeder with large bevel cone and large screw can avoid the appearance of damp and blocking of impeller feeder in the past.

2. Widening of aggregate hopper. It can be fed directly by type 50 loader, so it is not easy to mix.

3. Select pressure signal and speed signal to measure together or pure speed signal to measure, the operation of commercial concrete mixing station is simple and easy to repair, even less affecting production.

4. Frequency converter speed regulation, stable and reliable operation, reduce the occurrence of shortcomings, forward operation power.

5. Full-micro-computer control system, the system needs to have shutdown, boot-up process processing and status checking functions.

6. Commercial concrete mixing station should have a single motor drive reducer, which can withstand shock and vibration, and have a strong ability to resist overload.

Although, in theory, the equipment of concrete mixing station can work continuously for 24 hours as long as it meets the relevant standards, the minor edition does not encourage the excessive consumption of our concrete mixing station equipment by blindly rushing the construction period. We work eight hours a day and feel tired. So does the machine. It also needs regular rest.

As we all know, mixing station has been several years, more than 20 years, it seems that in recent years, it can see great changes, especially in efficiency, but there is a big change. Although a large part of the innovative achievements owe to itself, but some of them are too heavy or because of the user's hands, not simple use can complete the entire operation ability. It can increase the speed of the human body around, adding is very important.

At present, with the rapid development of science and technology, high efficiency and technology are helpful in the overall, especially in the high efficiency and low energy consumption. It is rooted in their advantages and has become a driving force for continuous progress.

Of course, only depending on their own power equipment can not complete the improvement of the overall capacity, in fact, it has been completely clear in the mixing station that if people are not good foundation, they will not drive normally, this point should be noted.

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