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Zhongyi construction machine group applies the "equipment technology +" model to expand the comprehensive market corridor Market

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In recent years, Jiangsu's construction machinery group to seize the country to vigorously develop the comprehensive pipe gallery City opportunities, seize opportunities, to the application of "technology +" mode of operation, the use of their own advantages of precast production equipment, manufacturing technology, equipment supply, solutions will create, technical support, service output one-stop marketing service system with a partner, multi field, multi direction and multi form close cooperation, to expand the market, occupy the market, obtain a win-win effect.


Zhongyi construction machine service market, focusing on the technology leading and advanced technology of the product, provides a competitive product for the market. The new production process of comprehensive pipe gallery, the formation of the domestic advanced jacking construction process; comprehensive pipe gallery steel skeleton developed welding production line for the domestic initiative, the automation, molding and welding speed to reach the domestic advanced level; the successful development of 13 kinds of prefabricated pipe rack and die equipment, new products into market won the national authorized 8 utility model patents, 2 invention patents. This year, provided by the Italian precast construction machinery group of pipe rack pipe jacking, application in Suzhou City Road comprehensive pipe gallery and Tang yuan project, create a number of China most: jacking 9.1 meters wide, 5.5 meters high, the section size hit most of the country; a one-time jacking jacking length 233.6 meters, the first hit most of the country; the domestic underground jacking precedent, break a number of difficult construction bottleneck, by the industry as "the first top Chinese". In November 18th, CCTV and the Central People's broadcasting station made a special report on this.


China and Italy build the machine to expand the market and work hard in the solution of the user's plan. In the provision of products and equipment at the same time, participate in the production of downstream products, the Italian construction machinery equipment manufacturer is, and users, and users of complementary advantages, collaborative solve production problems; in the operation of the project, capital and other aspects of the project, together with the user responsibility, risk sharing, together to create a new mode of production of prefabricated pipe gallery. In the past few years, Chinese and Italian construction machines are in the industry of man-machine coordination and quality control in the manufacturing and production process of prefabricated equipment.


The leading position; the production of concrete mixing stations and other equipment, specialized, high degree of intelligence, provide a strong guarantee for the comprehensive pipe gallery production; development of China Railway Group, China Construction Group, China Coal Group, the national unification shares a large number of strong partners, has injected new impetus for the sustainable the development of. Due to the outstanding performance, China Construction machinery this year was selected as the Chinese Municipal Engineering Association comprehensive pipe gallery Committee executive director of the unit, won the first Jiangsu province modernization construction industry demonstration base.


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