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Dialogue "favorite building machine" - Zhong Changping and brand promotion in three steps

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Jiangdu building materials machinery factory was founded in the end of 1992, after more than 10 years of struggle, has been from the original zero assets, few people unknown to the public small stalls to have Jiangdu building materials machinery factory and Yangzhou Zhongyi building materials Machinery Co. Ltd. two enterprises, become the domestic cement products industry well-known brands. Zhongchang Ping, the founder of Zhongyi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., chairman of Yangzhou Zhongyi building materials Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangdu building materials machinery plant director, played a decisive role in the correct grasp and positioning of the enterprise. 

China's cement products machinery industry is also competing with other industries in China. The market competition is very fierce. Enterprises engaged in the production of cement products are developing rapidly. When we are in that price from the original (at the expense of the quality of the products and reduce the price of some enterprises) stage, we propose the implementation of brand strategy policy, we believe that the market competition is the competition of technology, service competition, price competition, but after all is the brand competition, only to create a protection the fees and their own interests, become public awareness and brand trust, long-term development of enterprises to. How to improve the brand of "Zhongyi construction machinery" as soon as possible to win customers, strive to expand market share and form brand advantage is our company's long-term strategic objective. With a clear strategic position, it has the direction of progress. According to the actual situation of the enterprise's development, to create a brand that belongs to oneself and quickly enhance the brand's popularity, Zhongchang Ping, the decision-maker of the enterprise, put forward the three step of brand strategy.

To enter the market with good faith, good quality and all-round service to form the brand of user cognition

In the early stage of business, the scale of the enterprise is still very small, and the products produced have little influence in the industry. How to make the users know you and purchase your products is the foundation for the survival of the enterprise. "Italian built machine" Zhong Changping proposed the core characters with "honesty, common development in the initial construction, striving for the top" as the business objectives, the integrity of business as a foothold in the first place, as the lifeline of enterprise to carry out publicity and education on the whole, and put forward a cooperation, forever is the friend of business philosophy, so that we unify their thinking and understanding, and into the work of each person in. "I'm a user" discussion among employees, and every job requires "what should I do?" All for the sake of users, the real meaning to each user as their friends, users know you, accept you, which in turn will regard you as his friend, what the user needs, the first thought is "Italian built machine", is China Construction Machinery products. All employees have been firmly established. The first is "honesty". The second is "customer first", "integrity and customer is the power of enterprise survival" this eternal idea.

The end of the enterprise is to provide customers with good quality, good service and reasonable price, which can be recognized and accepted by the user. We are about to do their own products, to provide a full range of services to users, establish their own brand image, the development of a practical management system, and in strict accordance with the regulations, at the same time put into production equipment, production process improvement efforts, in the past three years, the enterprise for technical innovation investment funds amounted to more than 1 thousand yuan, bought some advanced production equipment, so as to ensure the production scale of enterprises, means of production, technology, maintain product quality on a new level.

The formation of brand accumulation by scale expansion and window effect

When "Zhongyi construction machinery" is gradually recognized in the industry, how to make the brand of a business more familiar with users and become a trusted brand in the industry? The decision makers start with the scale expansion and the window effect to form the brand accumulation.

We should grasp the large scale customers, integrate the talent resources in the industry, learn from the successful examples of the industry product line, and provide all-round services from product design, equipment configuration, process layout to the process documents and practical operation of the whole production process. Design Guide for users, and solve the menace from the rear, to achieve a multiplier effect, resulting in the formation of, have a certain influence in the industry many loyal customers, to form the situation.

We choose to have a well known user in the industry as a window, try to provide them with excellent products, publicize our products through their use, expand and enhance our brand by means of these big brands, and achieve better results. Two thousand and four years, we are vertical spraying machine of Harbin water diversion project of Xinjiang Guotong pipeline company, through their use, a Nissan 2200 * 6mPCCP pipe 73 records, and through their propaganda, has a great influence in the industry, this year to three successful units the national key project, the largest diameter of South to North Water Diversion Project in Beijing section of Beijing river water diversion pipe industry Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Guotong Pipeline Co., Ltd. Beijing branch, Shandong electric power company Beijing branch pipes are used in our vertical spraying machine products, greatly reflect the window effect.

Promoting brand competitiveness with innovation

Enterprise innovation is the impetus of the development of enterprises, enterprises should keep the lasting competitiveness, we must continue to break the industry structure of the original, the new growth point of first time. Only one step ahead in technology innovation, the formation of advanced industrial system is superior to others, and to be in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market. According to the originator of technology innovation theory, Inpet, an economist in Austria, the 90% of the motivation of technological innovation comes from the market pull. It is based on the above theory that we firmly grasp the new trend of the market development, and timely develop the products to meet the needs of the market to meet the needs of the users. In recent years, we have never stopped the pace of technological innovation. The establishment of the Yangzhou City Zhongyi building materials Machinery Co. Ltd., development and production of PCCPL horizontal and PCCPE vertical steel cylinder concrete pipe production line and complete mold, concrete mixing stations, automatic control of reducing seam welder and a series of high-tech products into the market, occupy a certain market share, enhance the "gold content of Italy to build the brand.

I plant in 2004 on the organization of technical backbone of the PCCP4m vertical vibration of steel mold and vertical wrapped around the research and development of vertical injection, there was no precedent in the domestic industry under the condition of overcome many problems such as technology, technology, production, Hebei Construction Group will made a successful trial production of disposable tube industry and Beijing huatengyuantong vertical tube PCCP4m the vibration of steel mould and PCCP4m vertical finished pipe pressure testing machine and other equipment manufacturing Co. ltd.. For our factory to participate in the Beijing section of the south to North Water Diversion Project to improve the competitive advantage. Aiming at the vertical and vertical spraying equipment, we improve the deceleration device of the slewing mechanism, and increase the centralized lubrication system of the slewing bearing, so that the equipment performance is more perfect and practical. Through the production and use of the Beijing section in the south to North Water Diversion Project, good results have been achieved.

Our business is moving from start-up stage to growth stage, operating a good Italian built machine "the brand and gradually enhance the brand visibility and reputation is a long process, we will create and utilize all opportunities, continue to build the brand strategy of the enterprise, so that" the meaning construction machine industry to become a banner the Italian people will make unremitting efforts to.

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