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Many kinds of admixtures need to be used in commercial concrete mixing station

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In the case, a lot of concrete mixing station despite the use of dust removal equipment for dust removal, but the effect is still not good. Some are installed dedusting equipment, weighing hopper to generate negative pressure and the influence of the powder weighing accuracy. Therefore, the rational use of concrete stirring station dust removal equipment is very important.

In the concrete mixing station site, some users in order to save costs, directly below the air guide pipe connected to the dust collector dust hopper of concrete mixer. However, due to the suction fan, pulse blown dust can not be deposited in the bottom and flows to the host, the filter element is always surrounded by dust, dust due to no settlement, which greatly reduces the working efficiency of a dust catcher.

Price of concrete mixing station

Factory of concrete mixing station

According to the different kinds of admixtures, the number and form of admixtures that are designed for different grades of cement, whether added fly ash and so on, are the differences between the size and number of cement bunker. Generally, the admixture types and cement grades of general engineering concrete mixing station are few. The additive on the design is less than that of cement bin, and the construction needs of the construction unit. There are many kinds of powder and additives used in the commercial concrete mixing station, and the number of corresponding cement silos will also increase.

General engineering concrete mixing station does not need external seal and so on, and the structure is relatively simple. Commercial concrete mixing station usually has external seals, customers pursue beautiful and environmental protection, and the structure is relatively large.

The same output under the condition of general commercial concrete mixing station price should be higher, which belongs to the high, concrete mixing station configuration is low, of course, investment is relatively less.

For purposes of use, the engineering concrete mixing station mainly provides concrete for a project, which will be near the construction site, and the configuration is relatively single, so as to meet the needs of the engineering concrete, and the purchaser is mainly used to produce concrete self.

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