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Quality assurance is important for concrete prefabricated complete sets of equipment

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Precast concrete equipment is a reinforced concrete bearing structure, composed of large panel and two narrow and high ribs, although its production process by all the machine to complete, but in the production process should also pay attention to some problems, to avoid mass produce the material is not qualified, this is not only to consumers is not responsible for, at the same time, the reputation of the enterprise also has a certain influence, so we must pay attention to ensure the quality in the production process.

Price of precast complete set equipment for concrete

Concrete precast complete set of equipment manufacturers

Pre arch degree. The setting of the pre - arch is a calculated value with the practice of the construction beam, which may have a bias, a warmth index, a special industry, which may be a control value.

Detailed performance indicators. The mechanical properties of new concrete and workability, setting time, hardened concrete. Mainly refers to the strength.

The strength of the concrete roof panel meets the design request. The durability of concrete is a comprehensive, anti freezing and carbonization ability of two important aspects of durability concrete, fly ash and other air entraining.

Cement used in concrete usually uses Portland cement, ordinary cement, slag cement, volcanic ash cement, fly ash cement five varieties. Generally, the concrete mixture of ordinary portland cement is better than slag cement and ash cement. Slag cement mixture mobility, but poor cohesiveness, easy bleeding; volcano ash cement fluidity is small, but the cohesion of the best. Using slag or pozzolanic cement to prefabricate concrete small components, it is easy to cause uneven initial surface moisture and unevenness after demolition. Slag or pozzolanes on the surface of concrete can easily form uneven flower belt and black stripe, which will affect the appearance quality of components. Therefore, when the concrete components are prefabricated, the ordinary portland cement is chosen as much as possible.

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