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ZBMM adheres to the service philosophy of “All for customers, creating customer value ”. With cutomer-oriented, we adopt the first-class speed, first-class skills, and first-rate attitude to achieve the service goals of “surpassing customer expectations and exceeding industry standards”. Fully implement pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services and rethink to improve services.

Pre-sales service

Introduce the company and product ;

Provide technical consulting for customers on construction;

According to demand, guide customers to choose products. 

Sales Service

Track contract and organize all departments to review the contract;

If there is any unclear issue in the contract or issue needs to be negotiated between the parties, it should be responsible to solve the issues.

According to the contract requirements, track the production & delivery, and the production of outsourcing parts as well. 

After-sales service

According to the contract, guide the user to install and debug the equipment on time;

Conduct on-site training and guide customers to operate and use properly;

Responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints on product quality and service quality;

Track and investigate from time to time within the warranty period to realize dynamic management;

Within the warranty period, if product quality issue is found, the company is responsible for repair and replacement;

Train the service personnel so that the overall quality of service personnel continues to increase.

The company provides 24 hours services in case of product failures, such as recruitment and dispatching service personnel, business consulting and dealing with customer complaints & suggestions, etc.


个人用户: 400-000-0000

800---0--00 (座机)