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How many types of stabilized soil mixing stations can be classified for use?

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According to the layout of the process, there are two types: single-step and double-step. Single-step crushed stone, sand and cement materials are lifted to the top hopper of the mixing station at one time, and then proportioned and weighed until they are stirred into finished materials. The vertical production process system is formed by the fall of material self-weight. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low power consumption, high mechanization and automation, compact layout and small floor area, but its equipment is complex and its capital investment is large.

It is often used in large permanent mixing stations. Two-stage gravel, sand and cement materials are lifted twice, the first time the material is lifted to the hopper, after weighing the ingredients, the second time the material is lifted and unloaded into the stabilized soil mixing station, its technological process. It has the advantages of simple equipment, less investment and fast construction, but its mechanization and automation are low, occupying a large area and consuming more power. Mainly used in small and medium-sized mixing stations.


According to the layout of stabilized soil mixing station, there are nest type and straight line type. The nest type is surrounded by a common loading and discharging center arrangement of several stabilized soil mixing stations. Its characteristic is that several stabilized soil mixing stations share a set of weighing devices, but can mix only one kind of concrete at a time. Linear exponential stabilized soil mixing stations are arranged in one or two rows. Each stabilized soil mixing station in this arrangement should be equipped with a weighing device, but it can mix several kinds of concrete at the same time.

It is well known that only when the material is in the optimum water content state, the material can easily reach the maximum compaction. Highway technical specifications stipulate that the water content of stabilized soil mixing station should be 1 to 2 percentage points higher than the optimal water content in order to compensate for water loss during transportation and paving. From the construction process of stabilized soil mixing station, usually the longest time of cement mixing material from the end of mixing to the beginning of rolling should not exceed two hours.

Through the water content test, the loss of water content of cement mixture varies with time and temperature from 0.3 to 1 percentage point. Stabilized soil mixtures are limited by time. When the moisture content is too large, it can not be adjusted by air drying. Only old materials can be removed and new materials can be replaced. Therefore, the moisture content of cement-gravel mixture should be 0.5 to 1 percentage point higher than the optimal moisture content in mixing time.

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