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What should we pay attention to when choosing commercial concrete mixing station?

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The performance label of concrete for construction should be used to select what kind of mixing machine to use. For example, the forced mixing machine must be used in hydraulic engineering. In addition, the mixing station and storage bin should be selected according to the types of mixable concrete materials.

Task quantity and construction period of concrete construction; using these two parameters to select the size of mixing station. Set up the total task quantity of concrete M; concrete pouring days T; working hours H per day; use coefficient K, then choose mixing station specifications X = M/T*H*K, where K is 0.7-0.9. Consider the transportation status of finished concrete in the selection. For example, direct pumping or vehicle transportation. The volume of the vehicle is also an important basis for determining the type of mixing station.

Construction environment and construction object; when choosing and purchasing concrete mixing station, the influence of construction object and construction environment should be fully considered, so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality. In the following circumstances, we suggest that you have better be prepared.

A. When the quantity of one-time pouring is large (more than 12 hours of stirring according to the optional stirring), the quality requirement of enough parts is high, and there is no reinforcement stirring station nearby, it is better to choose two stirring stations with smaller specifications, or choose one main and one pair of two-machine mixing systems.

B. When site traffic is inconvenient and maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time in and out of the site, it is better to choose two stations with the same smaller specifications or to prepare enough spare parts to ensure smooth construction progress.

C. When the construction site is dispersed, but the distance between the sites is not too far, the conveying radius of the concrete conveyor does not exceed half an hour and the conveying distance of the dump truck does not exceed 10 minutes. It is better to use multi-label centralized mixing to improve the utilization ratio of the mixing station and the economic benefit of the construction.

Generally speaking, the structure of small concrete mixing station is simpler and the control system is simpler, so the requirement for operation and maintenance personnel is lower. The structure of larger station is complex and the automation level is high, so the requirement for operators is higher. So you should consider this factor in addition to the previous factors when purchasing mixing station.

In general, the manufacturer has mature product formulation, such as specifications, quantities, varieties, etc. You can put forward your special requirements when ordering products. We will try our best to meet your requirements. However, when choosing products, we should avoid being greedy and full-fledged, which will cause economic waste. In addition, when choosing products, we should also refer to the prices of different manufacturers. In addition to the above specifications, varieties and quantities, the most important thing is the manufacturer of matching parts. In summary, you can always choose the most suitable model for you. When choosing a model, you should not pursue the best, but the most appropriate and satisfy your needs, because this choice is the most economical and effective.

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