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The most widely used cement pipe equipment is easy to operate

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Cement pipe equipment is made of the cement pipe equipment, is a kind of simple and practical, the most widely used equipment, has the advantages of easy operation, convenient maintenance, less wearing parts and other characteristics, mainly used for drainage, sewage, and highway culvert pipe production wells, is welcomed by the users. In the daily use of cement pipe equipment, the efficiency of pipe making is a common concern for customers, because it is closely related to the profits of the enterprises.

Price of complete set of equipment for drainage pipe

A complete set of equipment for drainage pipes

Cement pipe making equipment has been widely used in heavy industry. The scale of its use determines that its inspection period is shorter than other mechanical devices. Usually, the inspection period of the cement pipe machine depends mainly on the wear of the frame lining and the cone lining plate. The key point of the inspection is to hang equipment and dust-proof equipment. In addition to revising the smooth system, replacing the smooth oil is also the field in which the cycle is viewed.

There are two main types of production of cement pipe machine.

Cap: This is the production of production in order to ensure the accuracy of the scale in the socket socket, the end pipe forming machine cement pipe after the mold in the pipe socket, with a socket module (CAP) for maintenance, the maintenance is completed, then the jack off mode. In this way, the scale accuracy of the pipe socket is ensured by the insert die, and it is simple to achieve high precision. This way can produce steel socket pipe jacking with grooves.

No way to produce hats. This type of cement pipe making machine is mostly used for producing socket pipe and jigsaw tube, which can effectively control the accuracy of pipe socket of cement pipe making machine.

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