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Safety protection measures for concrete prefabricated components

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With the continuous development of economic construction and social needs, especially the rise of real estate, the cement pipe machine is widely used in the construction of municipal construction, real estate construction, bridge construction and other large infrastructure projects, it is to reduce the heavy manual labor, ensure the quality of the project, plays an important role in speeding up the construction of speed and improve labor productivity, known as a universal machine. A cement pipe machine can produce a variety of cement products as long as the mold is replaced.

Because the cement pipe machine has many varieties, multi function, high quality and high efficiency, cement pipe machine at present the use of raw material resources is very little in the production process basically no pollution, in the future to the long-term development of the equipment must be in order to conserve resources and protect the environment as the prerequisite of sustainable development, so for the cement pipe machine have a good grasp of.

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Concrete precast components, cement pipe making machinery, the overall structure is reasonable, advanced and efficient, is the necessary equipment for producing all kinds of cement pipes. For better safety production, we should do the following safety protection measures.

Before production, it is necessary to carry out proportioning in strict accordance with the regulations of the process, and do a good job of measurement.

The proportioning should be strictly in accordance with the feeding sequence: stone to cement, sand or sand to cement to stone, and not to be changed at will, so we should keep the sanitation of the ingredients and ensure the smooth transportation of the materials.

The equipment and facilities used in this post should be guaranteed to be intact.

During the operation of the cement pipe making machine, it is not allowed to overhaul and add lubricating oil (grease). If abnormal operation is found, it is necessary to shut down the machine immediately, and strictly prohibit the operation of the cement pipe machine.

In the cement pipe machine running, not free parking, such as parking accident, should immediately open the discharging door, trying to unload the material, to prevent condensation of concrete, prohibit the use of blunt beat hopper, stir barrel etc..

During operation, do not let sand and other debris fall into the running part of the blender, so as to prevent parts from being damaged and avoid damage to the parts. The materials adhered to the bottom of the hopper should be cleaned up in time so as not to affect the startup of Doumen.

Each batching should be carried out strictly in accordance with the rated capacity of the shearing machine (1135kg), and the overloading operation is strictly prohibited.

Each feed should be finished in the mixer cylinder, and after the discharge door is closed, the next feeding can be carried out. When the hopper is lifted and lowered, it is strictly prohibited for the personnel to stand or stay in the operation area of the hopper.

No sundries are placed in the power control box, and the environmental hygiene, integrity, safety and safety of the electronic control box should be kept.

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