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What should be paid attention to in the production of concrete prefabricated components during production?

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Precast concrete has a good application in the factory workshop, warehouse, in its performance is stable, has good structural mechanics performance, clear force level, simple geometry, is a kind of bearing components can be made into a large span, large coverage area and economic comparison, at the time of production to note that certain scientific principle

Price of concrete prefabricated components

Concrete prefabricated component manufacturers

Concrete roof is large prefabricated plate used in roof, according to the specifications of different types of products, using steel wire as prestressed steel formwork, pretensioned prestressed production, control calculation and reliable measures, give full play to the characteristics of the high strength of steel and concrete.

It can not only be used as a roof panel, but also can be used in the floor, with a reasonable and safe economy, and 50% smaller than the same span of the cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab with the same span.

The roof panel stiffness, suitable for purlin system, and can be used for a heavy crane plant;

Fire resistance of 1 hours, without the need to add fire retardant coating can be used in the first class fire grade factory.

Good durability, low maintenance cost, especially in humidity, corrosion and other environment has the irreplaceable superiority, the service life over 50 years;

The reverse arch is moderate and uniform, and the height difference between the adjacent plates after installation is small and beautiful and neat. The factory prefabrication ensures the quality of the components.

Site installation, shorten the site operation time, avoid the field wet work and maintenance work, and protect the environment.

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